Free societies - free minds

Together against religous paternalism


Prometheus Europe is a social organization that aims to promote secularism in the Islamic world and to provide help for those who risk their lives to get a chance to have a better future.

These courageous women and men are facing the most violent ideology in the history of mankind in order to make the world a better place for the next generations and that is why they deserve all our support . These freedom fighters are the most suitable people who know how to deal with Islam, and the more support they get, the more social change they can make and the faster changes will happen.

The Western world is facing the risk of expanding Islamism in Europe, and to be able to counter Islamism, the best thing we can do is to challenge the main idea of Islam in the very birthplace of this ideology, this is why empowering atheists or secular people in their own (Islamic) countries will reduce fanaticism and extremism there and the rest of the world. During this struggle, ex-Muslims face various types of discrimination, they can be subjected to violence, jail, execution or even assassination. We as activists try to do our best to save ex-Muslims who are at risk, and we will achieve our goals even faster with outsourced support.

In Europe and side by side with our European partners it is our goal to implement strategic plans to counter Islamism providing the required knowledge, using the right tools and transforming our organization into an organized social movement.