Donations help us come over any obstacles that we face while doing our activism, for example sometimes there are ex-Muslims at risk and they need financial help to flee their country. Sometimes the case is urgent and we need to get them out as soon as possible, without donations we are unable to save them.

Currently there are four funds you can donate to:

1 - Core Fund - This fund is for our project itself. Donations will be used to improve the structure of the project and implement innovative strategic plans to take it to the next level.

2 - Atheist at Risk Fund - This fund is to save those at risk because of their atheism. Please see the buttons below.

3 - Initiative Improvement Fund - This fund is to help activists and advocates of atheism and related topics in the Muslim world. Donations will be used to improve the exceptional and innovative work of these activists and make it more effective, for example providing technologies and means of audience, reaching out for vloggers etc. To help them make more impact in the society.

4 - Team Personal Fund - This fund is to help the project founders personally. We would love to work full time on this project, but that’s not achievable due to the responsibilities associated with the life of being a refugee. Please see get to know the founders.

To make a donation you need a PayPal account - please Click here .
When you make a donation please contact us and inform us about the fund you wish your donation to go to.

Don't want to donate ?

There are other ways to support us - you may support us by Sponsoring, donating products or joining us.